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Evolution Of Gaming

The 90’s kids have grown up playing video games at home. Mario was a summer staple in homes, and so were a lot of other interesting yet simple games. Over a period of time, gaming has evolved and become bigger and better. So much so, that people across countries can now play against each other or with each other as teams too. But how has gaming reached this level? The beginnings must have surely been humble – and that’s exactly what we’re going to trace today. So read on:

The first game was developed way back in the year 1951 – the game NIMROD was one such simple numerical game which could be played by two players on a single computer.

period of time

Further developments lead to the introduction of OXO in 1952 and SpaceWar! in 1962. The late 1960s were a revolutionary period for gaming and gamers as computers that were able to time-share came into existence – this allowed many users to share a single computer at a time. With the introduction of modems, the gamers no longer had to be in a single room to play the game at once – instead, they could play the games while in the comfort of their homes, without having to be compulsively in a single building or room.

The three golden years between 1973 and 1975 were when Local Area Network (LAN) based on Ethernet was developed by Xerox PARC which boosted the gaming sector. With the help of the internet, peer-to-peer and even client-server models were able to function smoothly.

Fast forward to today, multi-user gaming is a standard feature. Although the path until here wasn’t an easy one, the gamers today have the comfort of playing online games with people across the world sitting right at home. Gaming has tremendously evolved over the decades, and it has made the user experience more exciting and enjoyable – and this explains the immense fan base gaming has in today’s time.

playing online

When PlayStation entered the market, the gamers were all wooed by what Sony had to offer to them – so much so that the further versions of PlayStation’s received a massive reception from players all over the world. Every version of the PlayStation came in with dashing features, which only amplified the user experience furthermore.

Apart from the sources of gaming, a wide variety of games have come into the picture too- no longer are games restricted to numbers or minimal action – gaming has now become a realistic experience which is gaining an increasing following by the day.

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